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    Update 0.01 will de upload soon /check -->update launcher!🧐
  6. 4= RF buff same as for elf 🙂 from 60 seconds to 120 or 180 🙂 5= box of kundun ( drop items NON excelent ) 6=Xshop is u guys can translate in an international language (from spanish to english ) 7= Drop event / quizz event start to many times in 1 hours 😄
  7. first at all i want to say hello for everyone :) and i hope what i will start to sugest it wont bother any of you guys :) 1= xp party ( from 3+ members ) it is smaller then if a player lvl up alone 2=Sumoner / RageFighter dont have any skill in shop to can lvl up ( elf dont have just Deffense buff in shop ) 3=Elf buff timer is 60 seconds ( is kinda bit small to reach enoght untill elf split buff for 5 members party if you guy can change it to 120 or 180 second :D > PLEASE dont close topic < i will edit it in case i see some other stufs :) Thanks
  8. All Players Have Vip Gold Free 1 Week.
  9. General Information Server Version Season 8 Ep3 Experience 100x Master Experience 10x Drop 30%
  10. Hello RegalMu S6 Epi 3 is now open for beta test. http://regalmu.eu/ Enjoy!!!
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