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  1. General Information Server Version Season 8 Ep3 Experience 100x Master Experience 10x Drop 30%
  2. Hello RegalMu S6 Epi 3 is now open for beta test. http://regalmu.eu/ Enjoy!!!
  3. RegalMu Season 6 Ep 3 , Exp 50%, Drop 30% , PVP will start today 16/01/2021 at 20:00 Bucharest time. https://regalmu.ro/eng Enjoy!!
  4. AlucarD


    Experience: x50 Max Level: 400 Max Master Level: 300 Max Drop : 30 Master Experience : 25x Max Stats 65k Mobs por Spots 5 Reset: 400lvl Balanced PVP for maximum stats! PVE fun for each resets from 0-100!
  5. In this topic will be posted players who got warns.
  6. Please provide screenshot or video of the hacking attempt. Please provide the character name of the suspicious player when posting. Notes: Report without enough proof information such screenshot or a video will be closed. We allow only screenshots of the full chat log (F4 to the max). You need to use a TAG based on the subject of your report (BL, Hack, etc.). If what you are reporting is in another language than English, you must provide a full translation. There is a deadline of 12 hours to report a player (mandatory for BL). Also the screens have
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