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Rules & Reporting Instructions

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  • Please provide screenshot or video of the hacking attempt.
  • Please provide the character name of the suspicious player when posting.


  • Report without enough proof information such screenshot or a video will be closed.
  • We allow only screenshots of the full chat log (F4 to the max).
  • You need to use a TAG based on the subject of your report (BL, Hack, etc.).
  • If what you are reporting is in another language than English, you must provide a full translation.
  • There is a deadline of 12 hours to report a player (mandatory for BL). Also the screens have to be made in game in order for everyone to be able to see the character name of the reporter and the time.

Bad language is punished from 1 warn to 1 day ban. 1 warn = 12 hours mute. 2 warns = 36 hours mute. At 3 warns = 1 day ban. Everything above 3 warns is a special case.

Upload Screen Shot:



- Please upload photos on one of the sites mentioned above to not create any problem related to their display. You can also use one of the first two links that were genera

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